We are dedicated to our mission of supporting Health and Wellness in Body, Mind, and Soul for all people. We believe this can be accomplished using Holistic, Spiritual, and Mother Earth tools to educate and empower each individual we encounter within our community and beyond in their healing, preventative care, and overall wellness journey. Our partial non-profit Center offers personalized holistic wellness services, classes, and events for body, mind & soul by practitioners of various modalities for everyone’s individual journey of wellness and healing along with continuing to build community in a safe and supportive environment for ALL.


From the Prana House Apothecary:

The Prana House’s mission is to provide a healthy knowledge to all beings through educating and consulting in herbal remedies and holistic wellness. The Prana House is committed to its mission of creating a warm and inviting space for all beings. A place for preventative care and wellness that honors and respects the offerings given by Mother Earth. A place to nurture good Prana for Body, Mind & Soul.

The Prana House carries out its mission by providing you with intentionally made apothecary items such as signature herbal blends, elixirs, oils, tinctures, and organic body care products. We offer one on one work in herbalism, yoga, intuitive energy healing, and overall wellness. We also cater to the esoteric and pagan interests with curanderismo and shamanic healing, tarot, and metaphysical resources. The Prana House is a safe and welcoming environment open to individuals of all backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, identities, and philosophies with the intent of learning and growing in both a solitary and community practice. We support and align with like-minded individuals and businesses to lift up our community and contribute to the ripple of change.



Our products, services,  and the information set forth herein are for educational purposes and not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease nor should any information contained herein be read as prescribing any specific remedy or guaranteeing any specific result. If you have any reason to suspect serious illness, seek appropriate medical advice and care promptly.

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