Private Services Pricing

Coaching, Consultations, & Therapy

Our Coaches and Counselors are trained and experienced in supporting people emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Each offers a unique and individualized session catered to your needs and experiences. Find the guidance and direction you are looking for with help from one of our practitioners. 


Shaman & Therapist


Our readers span a broad range of modalities and practices. You can connect with passed loved ones, with spirits and angels, with your higher self, and with planets and stars in these different containers. Find the style that appeals to you and in it, an objective voice offering you clarity and wisdom.


Reiki means universal life force. It is a gentle, complementary​ energy practice that encourages our bodies toward their own unique balance and healing. Receiving Reiki is a rejuvenating and relaxing experience. Our Reiki Masters can support individuals on every level - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

Herbalism & Nutrition

These offerings help you connect with and heal your body using herbs, foods, and other physical practices. Our practitioners develop an individualized approach for you to reach your wellness goals, backed with peer-reviewed research and evidence. This will help to will nudge the body and spirit back to a state of optimal harmony.  

Yoga & Meditation

Book a personalized class for you or up to 9 others with one of our available instructors or practitioners. Half-hour classes start at $25 and Hour classes begin at $35. Instead of predetermined class times, you will be able to create a class that meets your needs at a time that is best for you.

30min Yoga or Meditation

1 hour  Yoga or Meditation

Andrew  |  Cera  |  Jacque  |  Meg

Andrew  |  Cera  |  Jacque  |  Meg

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