Yoga FAQ

What do I need to bring? 


We recommend that you bring a Personal Yoga Mat, Hand Towel (Optional), Refillable Water Bottle with you to class, we have filtered water in our center. We do have a few extra mats in case you forget to bring your own! 


What styles of yoga do you offer? 


Every instructor offers a variety of styles. You can see specific styles on the instructor's page. However, instructors can work with you to meet your needs. Make sure to add your class desires in the notes section when signing up. 


What temperature is the room for classes? 


The average temperature for a class is 70-72 degrees. Temperatures may be higher (77+) depending on the class being taught. 

Can I register in less than 24hrs? 


You cannot. Because you are booking a private class, we need to give our instructors enough time to prepare and plan their day. But that still means you could book the day before as long as it is more than 24 hours away. You can always reach out to us via or at 610-436-1407 should you have a special request or concern. 


How do I pay? 


Payments are taken online through our website. If you cannot pay online, reach out to us and we can work something out. Give us a call at 610-436-1407.


How do additional members of my group pay? 


Payments for additional attendees can be taken in person with either cash, card, or Venmo on the day of class. The pricing structure for additional class members is on the main FAQ page. 


Do you offer kids yoga classes and what is the youngest age?


Two practitioners, Kelly and Jacque teach kids classes. For Jacque, 5 is the youngest age. Kelly teaches toddlers in Mommy & Me style classes. 

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